Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal Therapy

Who is Transpersonal Therapy for?Therapy5

Transpersonal Therapy, also known as Transpersonal Psychology, is an approach developed by Abraham Maslow in the 1960s and is thought to help people with a number of emotional and psychological problems.

How Does Transpersonal Therapy Work?

Transpersonal Therapy aims to help people reach their full potential by exploring a person’s spiritual and psychological needs.  The key to this approach is focusing on the health of an individual’s ‘spirit’, therefore, specific techniques are taught in order to enhance a person’s self-realisation, self-actualisation and understanding of life.

A Recent Testimonial

“I cannot comment positively enough on the psychologist I saw at The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group. She provided a structured yet flexible framework for discussing my issues, was insightful and at times necessarily firm and challenging which was exactly the sort of counsellor I had hoped to be paired with”.
Rebecca - Clapham

What the Research into Transpersonal Therapy Says

Unlike cognitive therapies, transpersonal therapy has not developed a strong evidence base, moreover, it has been suggested that transpersonal therapy is inappropriate to use when treating particular psychological problems.  However, advocates of this approach argue inclusion of spiritual experiences in therapy is an advantage as it broadens therapy for certain clientele.

More Reading on this Subject

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Recommended Books:

Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Theory And Practice by Nigel Wellings & Elizabeth Wilde McCormick


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