Humanistic Therapy

Humanistic Therapy

Who is Humanistic Therapy for?Therapy5

Humanistic Therapy can help people with a variety of emotional and psychological problems including, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Personality Disorders, Relationship issues, Schizophrenia and Substance Misuse.

How Does Humanistic Therapy Work?

Humanistic Therapies are a group of therapies in which the therapist’s main goal is to help the individual recognise their strengths by offering a non-judgemental, understanding experience.  Examples of humanistic therapy include Existential Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

The Humanistic approach to therapy is focused on the individual’s thoughts and behaviour in relation to their personality and experiences, and not the exploration of behaviour in others.  Instead, humanistic therapies seek to assist personal growth and help an individual identify key characteristics of themselves.

A Recent Testimonial

“I had therapy before but anxiety kept recurring with a higher intensity every time. I was feeling despair, panic and physical exhaustion when I had my first session with Venetia.  She helped me to understand my thought process and the impact it was having. She provided me with the techniques to challenge the negative thoughts and learn more helpful ways of thinking. Through our work together I have been able to bring balance and control to my life. Although negative thoughts can flare up at any time I now feel confident that I have the tools and mental strength to manage my emotions.  Venetia was highly dedicated and had a genuine commitment and interest in helping me to find solutions. It was very apparent that she was doing a lot of work outside of the sessions to ensure our sessions remained personal and specifically targeted to my own ongoing treatment.”.
Patricia - Clapham

What the Research into Humanistic Therapy Says

It is argued that these approaches are equivalent, and in many cases, superior to others in treating a wide range of psychopathology.  Research exploring humanistic therapies shows individuals are sometimes able to acquire clarification and understanding of their difficulties.

More Reading on this Subject

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Recommended Books:

Existential-Humanistic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy Series) by Kirk J. Schneider


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