Saz Guscott

MSc Psychology, PGCertCBT, Mental Health First Aider. GMBPsS, MNCS Accred.


Works With Ages 18 and Older

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As a Psychotherapist, my philosophy is centred on empowering individuals to transform their lives through cognitive and behavioural change. I believe in fostering self-awareness, equipping individuals with practical tools to challenge negative thought patterns and enabling them to develop healthier behaviours. Ultimately, it’s about promoting lasting personal growth and emotional well-being.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short, is a family of talking therapies, all based on the idea that thoughts, feelings, how our bodies feel, and how we behave are all connected. If we change one of these, we can alter all the others. When we’re low or upset, we often fall into patterns of thinking and responding, which can worsen how we feel. CBT works to help us notice and change problematic thinking styles or behaviour patterns to feel better.

My approach is very action-oriented and looks for practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis. CBT is a collaborative therapy – it’s not something that is done to someone. It’s a way of us working together on mutually agreed objectives. A goal of CBT is learning that whilst we cannot control every aspect of the world around us, we can take control of how we interpret and deal with things in our environment.

CBT is often known for the following key benefits: (1) It allows you to engage in healthier thinking patterns by becoming aware of the negative and often unrealistic thoughts that dampen your feelings and moods; (2) It is an effective (and relatively) short-term treatment option; improvements can be seen in fewer sessions than some traditional therapy types. One of the greatest benefits of CBT is that it helps you develop coping skills that can be useful both now and in the future.


My motivation as a psychotherapist is rooted in a genuine desire to alleviate suffering and enhance the mental well-being of my clients. I find immense fulfilment in guiding individuals toward greater self-understanding, resilience, and the ability to overcome life’s challenges, empowering them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

About Me

My happy place is when I am baking. Baking offers me a therapeutic escape, where I find solace in the planning and process, creativity in recipes, and the joy of sharing homemade delights that nurture both body and soul.

I had a course of CBT Counselling with The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group (Richmond) and although it didn’t provide me with the quick fix miracle solution I was hoping for, it has made my problems feel more manageable.

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