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Modern life can be challenging. We can easily feel overwhelmed by our difficulties and think that everything bad is our fault. Having a safe space to tell your story is the first step in how therapy can help.

Understanding how our brains work, and how illnesses such as depression and anxiety develop and keep a hold over us, is an extremely helpful step to release us from self-blame. This understanding can give us the freedom to find effective ways to manage and overcome our difficulties and start to look after ourselves.


I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with over 22 years’ experience working in the NHS. I’ve helped people from all backgrounds, presenting with many different difficulties from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, work stress, obsessive thoughts, to name but a few.

My training as a Counselling Psychologist has helped me to combine evidence-based approaches with a solid therapeutic alliance with patients. My approach draws on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy. I am also an accredited Interpersonal Therapy practitioner. IPT is a NICE recommended approach for depression in the context of loss, life changes, relationship disputes and bereavement.

In our therapy sessions we will work collaboratively to understand the difficulties affecting you and devise a plan to help manage them, reduce distress and implement positive changes to enjoy life better according to your goals.


Psychological distress can feel overwhelming and isolating, but therapy can be very helpful. I consider it is a privilege to be able to share patient’s stories and help them to implement change. It is very moving and inspirational to witness positive change in people’s life and this is what motivates me.

About Me

I can deliver therapy in English and Italian. I enjoy comedy, dance and art as a spectator and find it helpful to focus on creative human endeavours to create positive experiences. I am very interested in mindfulness and do practice, though I could of course be more constant!

I had a course of CBT Counselling with The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group (Richmond) and although it didn’t provide me with the quick fix miracle solution I was hoping for, it has made my problems feel more manageable.

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