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My life and work experiences have taken me down a path of self-development and led to an interest in understanding people’s feelings, emotions, and wellbeing. Whilst working for the National Lottery from its launch, which was a privilege to be part of, I trained as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist and continued this journey when I moved to the South Coast. 

I continued my career to work within schools as a School Counsellor supporting Young Carers who were caring for a parent or a sibling, which I am still very passionate about, and I am a presenter to students at Chichester University who are training to be Social Workers.

I proceeded to set up my own counselling practice where I provide one-to-one counselling, couples therapy, as well as counselling for children and young people. I also work for charities as a Clinical Supervisor supporting Volunteer Counsellors/Trainees through their own practise and training which is very rewarding seeing them grow into experienced qualified Counsellors.


Often, we look to seek support when we are feeling vulnerable and not sure which way to turn and would benefit from talking to someone outside of our family/friendship circle. With an independent, non-judgemental space to talk through your own worries and concerns, it can help you see a new path forward.

I have a wide range of experience with counselling clients who experience anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem/confidence, relationship issues, work-life balance issues, bereavement, and health concerns. I also provide counselling for clients who may need support with neurodivergence (which may bring higher levels of anxiety), social anxieties, and understanding each person as an individual. 

I offer long-term and short-term sessions online in the comfort of your home to fit around your daily life.


I am naturally a warm and caring person and skilled at being empathetic and understanding what others may be experiencing. My life has shown me the importance of compassion and encouraging relaxation, exercise, and self-care to build resilience to improve and maintain overall wellbeing.

I am passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams and bringing positive change to their lives.

About Me

I enjoy being immersed in nature, walking by the sea and in the countryside, and I have travelled to some exciting countries, experiencing the vibrancy of their cultures. I also regularly swim (sometimes outdoors), enjoy dance fitness, and practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 

I had a course of CBT Counselling with The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group (Richmond) and although it didn’t provide me with the quick fix miracle solution I was hoping for, it has made my problems feel more manageable.

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