The Most Dramatic Changes In NHS For 60 Yrs

The Most Dramatic Changes In NHS For 60 Yrs

by Dr Emma Gray - 9th July, 2012

Up until recently Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) were in control of NHS budgets, deciding where and how money was spent thus determining the quality and level of service that the public received for both their physical and psychological health. 

On 21.01.11 the government announced that PCTs were to be abolished and their control handed to GPs. The idea behind this (and one that many GPs agree with) is that GP’s position in the healthcare chain (i.e. on the front line) places them in a better position to determine how funds are allocated. However, some GPs fear that their position on the front line means that they will not have the capacity to take on this new responsibility. What is certain is that this is a genuine change in how resources are distributed and a change is without doubt necessary.

However is this a change in the right direction?

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Dr Emma Gray

Dr Emma Gray

I am often the first person with whom my patients share significant and intimate thoughts and memories; I never take that privileged position for granted nor the opportunity to help someone to feel better about themselves and discover a more fulfilling life. One of my colleagues once described me as a natural psychologist; I guess she was alluding to the fact that I feel at ease being a therapist, I can empathise with people’s distress and discomfort but don’t feel overwhelmed by it, I can understand their problem and know how to help, it has always just felt like what I should be doing.

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