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We can help you find a settlement agreement with TFL for fare evasion charges and avoid a criminal conviction.

TFL takes an active and aggressive approach to fare evasion cases and nearly always prosecute anyone travelling on their network without a valid ticket.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty by TFL this is a criminal conviction.

Fare Evasion Types:

  • You have boarded a tube, train, or bus without buying a valid ticket.
  • You’re using a discounted ticket but don’t have the appropriate Rail Card.
  • You have used someone else’s ticket or pass for a journey e.g., a relatives Freedom pass, a 60+ travel card, a younger person’s card such as 16+ or 11-15 Zip Card or a Student Oyster Card which is not yours or you aren’t eligible for.
  • You have been caught using a young person’s travel pass when over the age of 16.
  • Travelling in first class with a standard ticket
  • Travelling in a peak time of day e.g., outside rush hour with a cheaper restricted ticket which doesn’t have permission for this time.
  • Using an out of date pass or ticket for travel.
  • You’ve travelled further than your ticket allows.
  • Your travel ticket doesn’t cover the whole journey.

These are just a few examples but generally a psychological report will provide you with an objective and specialist assessment of a particular situation with recommendations about the most beneficial way forward.

How We Help

We specialise in assessments and reports for people being prosecuted by TFL with mental health problems. The report you receive will be used as part of your defence against TFL and is specifically designed to meet with TFL’s own stated exemptions (described below).

TFL recently introduced new measures which allow for a prosecution not to be pursued if the defendant has certain health conditions. A key one of these is a provision for people affected by Mental Health issues which may have contributed to the offence being committed.

Mental health conditions affect people in many different ways and lead people to do things they would not normally.

The success rate for our reports is high and we pride ourselves on providing helping you in a kind, understanding, and respectful way. We have all made mistakes, not least when we are at our most vulnerable, and should be offered the chance to learn from these and not be handed a criminal conviction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please talk to us as soon as possible. We can work with your solicitor or recommend one of our partners who specialise in fare evasion with our reports.

We work with a number of the leading fare evasion solicitors in London and around the UK, we can introduce you to the right one immediately.

Yes, we will do everything possible to work quickly and fit in with your case dates.

It varies but between one and two hours is typical.

Within seven working days is typical, but faster if we can.

No, we do the assessments by Zoom so you can relax and be comfortable during the meeting.

It’s impossible for us to predict exactly what the outcome of your case will be. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your case so we can advise you what the best plan of action is.

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