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Do harm yourself on purpose or intentionally put yourself in dangerous situations in an attempt to do so?

Take this quiz to see if you might benefit from talking to one of our psychologists.

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Please answer the following questions by selecting "Yes" or "No".
Select "yes" only to the things that you have done intentionally or on purpose to hurt yourself.

Have you ever intentionally or on purpose:

1. Overdosed?
2. Cut yourself on purpose?
3. Burned yourself on purpose?
4. Hit yourself?
5. Banged your head on purpose?
6. Abused alcohol?
7. Driven recklessly on purpose?
8. Scratched yourself on purpose?
9. Prevented wounds from healing?
10. Made medical situations worse on purpose (e.g., skipped medication)?
11. Been promiscuous (i.e., had many sexual partners)?
12. Set yourself up in a relationship to be rejected?
13. Abused prescription medication?
14. Distanced yourself from God as punishment?
15. Engaged in emotionally abusive relationships?
16. Engaged in sexually abusive relationships?
17. Lost a job on purpose?
18. Attempted suicide?
19. Exercised an injury on purpose?
20. Tortured yourself with self-defeating thoughts?
21. Starved yourself to hurt yourself?
22. Abused laxatives to hurt yourself?
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References: Sansone RA, Wiederman MW, Sansone LA. The Self-Harm Inventory (SHI): development of a scale for identifying selfdestructive behaviors and borderline personality disorder. J Clin Psychol. 1998;54:973–983

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