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Is your intimate relationship failing to meet your original expectations?

Take this quiz to evaluate your general satisfaction with your relationship compared to others.

It's free, quick, confidential, and scientifically validated.

Select the number for each item that best answers that item for you.
1. How often does your partner meet your needs?
(1=Poorly    3=Average    5=Extremely well)
2. In general, how satisfied are you with your relationship?
(1=Unsatisfied    3=Average    5=Extremely satisfied)
3. How good is your relationship compared to most?
(1=Poor    3=Average    5=Excellent)
4. How often do you wish you hadn't gotten into this relationship?
(1=Never    3=Average    5=Very often)
5. To what extent has your relationship met your original expectations?
(1=Hardly at all    3=Average    5=Completely)
6. How much do you love your partner?
(1=Not much    3=Average    5=Very much)
7. How many problems are there in your relationship?
(1=Very few    3=Average    5=Very many)
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References: Hendrick, S. S. (1988). A generic measure of relationship satisfaction. Journal of Marriage and Family, 50, 93-98.

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