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Are you finding parenting difficult?

Take this quiz to see if you could benefit from speaking to one of our psychologists.

It’s free, quick, confidential, and scientifically validated.

Rate how difficult you have found each experience over the last 6 months by clicking the relevant button (1=Low level of hassle, 5= High level of hassle). If you have more than one child, these events can include any or all of your children.
1. Continually cleaning up messes of toys or food
2. Being nagged, whined at, complained to
3. Meal-time difficulties with picky eaters, complaining, etc.
4. The kids won't listen or do what they are asked without being nagged
5. Baby-sitters are hard to find
6. The kids' schedules (like pre-school or other activities) interfere with meeting your own household needs
7. Sibling arguments or fights require a 'referee'
8. The kids demand that you entertain them or play with them
9. The kids resist or struggle with you over bed time
10. The kids are constantly underfoot, interfering with other chores
11. The need to keep a constant eye on where the kids are and what they are doing
12. The kids interrupt adult conversations or interactions
13. Having to change your plans because of unprecedented child needs
14. The kids get dirty several times a day requiring changes of clothing
15. Difficulties in getting privacy (e.g. in the bathroom)
16. The kids are hard to manage in public (e.g. at the grocery store, shopping centre, restaurant, etc.)
17. Difficulties in getting kids ready for outings and leaving on time
18. Difficulties in leaving kids for a night out or at school or day care
19. The kids have difficulties with friends (e.g. fighting, trouble getting along, or no friends available)
20. Having to run extra errands to meet the kids' needs
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References: Crnic KA & Greenberg MT (1990) Minor parenting stresses with young children. Child Development. 61: 1628–1637.

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