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Is there someone in your life that regularly makes you feel inadequate? Does that person humiliate you? Does that person try to control you? Does that person make you doubt yourself?

Take this quiz to see if you are being emotionally abused.

It's free, quick, confidential, and scientifically validated.

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1. The other person tries to catch me at inconsistencies to show that I am lying.
2. The other person tries to convince other people that I am crazy.
3. The other person tells other people that there is something wrong with me.
4. The other person says things that hurt me out of spite.
5. The other person has told me I am sexually unattractive.
6. The other person tells me I am sexually inadequate.
7. The other person insults my religious background and beliefs.
8. The other person insults my ethnic background.
9. The other person insults my family.
10. The other person talks me into doing things that make me feel bad afterwards.
11. The other person tells me no one else would ever want me.
12. The other person humiliates me in front of others.
13. The other person makes me do degrading things.
14. The other person questions my sanity.
15. The other person tells other people personal information or secrets about me.
16. The other person verbally attacks my personality.
17. The other person has insulted me by telling me that I am incompetent (stupid).
18. The other person ridicules me.
19. The other person forces me to do things against my will.
20. The other person questions whether my love is true.
21. The other person compares me unfavourably to others.
22. The other person intentionally does things to scare me.
23. The other person threatens me physically during arguments.
24. The other person warns me that if I keep doing something, violence will follow.
25. Our arguments often escalate out of control.
26. I’m worried most when this other person is quiet.
27. The other person drives recklessly or too fast when they are angry.
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References: Adapted from The Emotional Abuse Questionnaire developed by N. Jacobson and J. Gottman

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