If you have any questions that are related to any of our other articles about “The Archers” (most recent article found here) or any other story lines from a Psychological point of view then I will do my best to answer them.

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  1. I was wondering about how Helen’s relationship with Jack may be seen through the eyes of someone well-versed in attachment disorders. A cursory search finds not really that many articles about the psychosocial effects of giving birth to a baby of sexual abuse.

  2. What “needs” (Achievemnet, Affliation, Power etc) do we see exhibited in Archers characters?

  3. (How) Does a regularly scheduled fictional programming combining the reassurance of an idyllic pastoral life with a combination of drama and humour provide both an anchor and a welcome distraction for patients building there psychological reserves following trauma?

  4. I wonder what the psychological effect might be upon Raury of being the child of a relatively elderly father and step mother, being packed off to school at an early age and never being mentioned! He didn’t even go to the anniversary party as far as we know!

  5. An interesting series of articles Dr Grey. I know many people have found the story line of poor Helen very hard to listen to and I have been surprised by the intensity of my own reaction to it. I would be interested in psychological perspective as to why you think it has struck such a chord with The Archers’ audience, both regular followers of the series and those like myself who dip in and out of it.

  6. I am interested in the psychology of Rob. At times he seems to believe Helen is a weakling and he has to be strong enough for both of them, but at others he is prepared to write her off as psychotic … Is much known about the psychology of abusers like him, and/or about the victims of assault who know the perpetrator?

  7. At my advanced I have been affected by the story, for marital rape happened to me, as later, did grooming by an over involved social worker. I never realised till recently that I wasn’t to blame for both. An angry and tortured pregnancy, followed by guilt for the harm my loathing of the unwanted foetus might have caused my beautiful new baby. Dogged by depression, eventual divorce. A lifetime spent searching for answers and doing my best to gain self esteem. A kind of peace established, but how I wish I had known then about love, need and power.
    Thank you production team for dealing openly and honestly with such a complicated and misunderstood aspect of human sexual psychology

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