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The videos on this page are all real people, talking about their real issues and how they have coped. Sometimes, just seeing you are not the only one with a problem can really help.

Hayley’s Miscarriage Video

My name is Hayley, I am 36 years old and my partner and I have been trying to conceive for 8 months. Today I am going to be speaking about my experience of suffering a miscarriage.

BethAnne’s Grief Video

Hello, my name is BethAnne, and I’m going to tell you about my grief journey. I lost my brother Brent 3 years ago, and this video shares some of my process and what I found to help me move through my grief. I hope it offers some hope and encouragement to others going through loss.

Chris’ Anxiety Video

Hello, my name is Chris, I suffer from anxiety and have also been treated for PTSD. In this video I will share some of the tools I have learned through therapy that have helped me cope with anxiety.

The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group were not the first people I went to for counselling. In fact I went to two other counsellors in Clapham first. However CBT with these guys was the only type of counselling that worked for me. It was a bit more expensive but it was worth it.

Rosie, Clapham

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