Child & Education Services – Stamford, Oakham, Uppingham, and Oundle

We provide a full range of educational and behavioural support for your child and family through their education career and beyond.

All areas of support are covered for your child including poor school and exam performance, school refusal, bullying, lack of friends, disruptive school behaviour, school exclusion, suspension, expulsion, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD assessments and treatment, Anxiety, Depression, divorce and separation and remote learning.

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We have been catering to the needs of families and children in the schools of Oundle, Oakham, Uppingham and Stamford since 2012 and have built a comprehensive understanding of the issues faced and how to treat them.

Our service includes assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Now offering treatments exclusively online to provide an efficient and comprehensive service which fits into your busy schedule.

As parents our children are the most important things in our lives and we pride ourselves in offering a friendly, non-judgemental, discrete, compassionate service solely there to help your child through these difficult and formative years.

We are always happy to chat and listen to the issues you’re facing. We can advise what the next steps are for you and put that plan into place.

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I went to The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group in Nottingham to get help for my daughter who was struggling with anxiety. The psychologist we saw was fantastic and quickly gained my daughter’s confidence and taught her strategies to manage her worries. We also did some work as a family and with the school which helped me to continue supporting my daughter after the treatment was finished. All very helpful. Thank you.”

Anna, Nottingham


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