Counselling for ADHD

ADHD can have a significant effect on many aspects of life. School, higher education, work and careers, home life and family and relationships are all likely to be affected by ADHD. Having an accurate diagnosis, and expert treatment, can help to manage your symptoms and lead to a fuller, more successful, and happier life.

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ADHD Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment for Children and Adults

We offer evidence-based assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children and adults experiencing symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).

ADHD is a condition that results in inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour and can have a significant and negative impact on social, academic, and occupational activities. It can affect people of any age.

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What An Assessment Involves

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To make a diagnosis of ADHD our experts use a combination of psychometric testing and 1-1 interview to review your symptoms of attention, self-control and mood and evaluate the level of impairment that they cause across your school/work, social and family life. Adults who have ADHD need not have been formally diagnosed in childhood.

Based on this assessment you will receive a report outlining your diagnosis along with treatment recommendations which depending on your individual needs will include talking therapy and/or medication.

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All of our Therapists offer ADHD counselling.

Our Experts

Our ADHD services are delivered by Doctors of Clinical Psychology all of whom are highly trained and specialists in this field. All are:

  • Registered Practitioner Psychologists with The Health Care Professions Council
  • Chartered Psychologists with The British Psychological Society
  • Enhanced CRB checked.
  • Covered via Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Receiving appropriate supervision in private practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a condition that results in inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour and can have a significant and negative impact on social, academic, and occupational activities. It can affect people of any age.

What does ADHD stand for?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Have I got ADHD?

It can be difficult to establish an accurate ADHD diagnosis on your own. The symptoms of ADHD are common to other conditions, and it is easy for these to be misunderstood resulting in an incorrect diagnosis. We can provide you with a clear and accurate ADHD diagnosis and, if appropriate for your needs, recommend and implement ADHD treatment.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

These are generally related to physical and mental restlessness and include:

  • Fidgeting
  • Lack of concentration
  • Inability to focus
  • Not being able to sit still or sit quietly
  • Being overly talkative
  • Feeling uncomfortable in quiet and still surroundings
  • Being impulsive
  • Not being able to wait for your turn
  • Interrupting other people’s conversations
  • Feeling easily frustrated
  • Struggling to follow simple guidance or instructions

Do I need a GP referral to get an ADHD assessment?

No, you can call us directly to discuss your needs. We will listen to what’s happening and advise if, we believe, that an ADHD assessment is the right option for you; however, the decision is entirely yours.

How long will the assessment last?

The assessment will last for one hour and thirty minutes.

How long will my report take to arrive after the assessment?

A maximum of two weeks, but ideally, we will provide this within seven days.

How much does a private ADHD assessment cost?

The cost of a private ADHD assessment is £995. This doesn’t include medication or follow-up appointments. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to call 0203 504 9300 or fill out a contact form.

How much are follow-up ADHD appointments after my assessment?

This will depend upon the outcome of your assessment and which specialist is appropriate for your needs. We will work with you to identify the right expert for you and advise of the costs. Please contact one of our friendly team by phone or email to ask for your case.

I don’t see my symptoms on this list, but I feel like I have ADHD. Is that possible?

Yes, everyone is different, and symptoms can manifest themselves differently for each one of us and the situation we are in.  This would be an appropriate time to seek help from a specialist for an ADHD diagnosis.

Can children get ADHD?

Yes, ADHD can affect all age groups.

Does ADHD stop children doing well at school?

It can be very difficult for a child to maximise their potential in an academic environment if they have ADHD.

Why would ADHD stop my child doing well at school?

The symptoms of ADHD are almost the opposite of how one would hope to be feeling in an academic environment. In a school classroom, the requirements are for concentration, application, and calm diligence, and it can be almost impossible for a student with ADHD to work in this way.

Should my school be helping my child if they have ADHD?

Yes, ideally, the school should be aware of the symptoms of ADHD and have an established plan to help your child achieve their full potential.

My child has ADHD, and the school aren’t helping.

Schools rarely have the skills or experience in-house to cater for the needs of a pupil with ADHD, despite the hard work and best efforts of the teachers. Getting an accurate ADHD diagnosis is the first step in understanding your child’s needs and then, with your school, devising a strategy which meets their needs and those of their classmates.

My child has ADHD; should they be allowed extra time to complete their school work and take exams?

Extended time can be an important part of an integrated strategy to help children in an academic setting.

Can university students have ADHD?

Yes, it is a relatively common diagnosis amongst university students. Knowing that you are affected by ADHD can be crucial as it will contextualise several behaviours you experience and allow you to be mindful of these and take preventative steps.

What is the point of an ADHD diagnosis?

Being aware that you are affected by ADHD will be the foundation for your understanding of why you behave in a certain way. ADHD symptoms can be very disruptive for you and those around you. As a result of your symptoms, some people might respond to you negatively; having a clear and accurate idea of what is happening to you will help you and others to manage it properly.

When should I get an ADHD diagnosis?

The sooner, the better. If you are affected by ADHD symptoms, knowing why these are happening, and putting a treatment plan in place, can be crucial to your success and happiness.

I’ve had an assessment and was told I don’t have ADHD. I still have most of the symptoms from your list; what should I do?

There are two things to consider. The first is whether the diagnosis was accurate. It is easy to get ADHD symptoms confused with other problems, and the diagnosis you have may not be accurate. In these circumstances, getting a second opinion from a specialist may be the best thing to do. Second, you may not have ADHD. ADHD is a complex condition, and even if you have all the symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you have ADHD. Getting a second opinion, ideally with a treatment plan, would be an appropriate course of action.

Can I get a diagnosis for work?

Yes, ADHD can be extremely disruptive in a work environment, and our treatment plan can help you to manage your work commitments and bring understanding in your employer relationship.

Will my employer have to treat me differently if I have ADHD?

If your employer does not know about your ADHD diagnosis, they are likely to be treating you differently already. Opening a clear line of communication with your employer about what is happening and why could make all the difference. Showing your employer that you are taking steps to make positive changes could be very beneficial.

Can you provide a report for my court case on ADHD?

Yes, we offer a full court report service.

My solicitor wants me to get an ADHD report. Can you help?

Yes, we have relationships with many solicitors and legal practices and can meet your specific needs.

How long will my ADHD diagnosis last?

Indefinitely. An ADHD diagnosis is not time limited.

Can you be cured of ADHD?

There is not a cure for ADHD; however, with the right help and support, you can manage it very effectively.

Does ADHD stop me from concentrating at work?

ADHD can make it very difficult to concentrate and stay focused. If you find it difficult to meet your goals at work, we can help.

Does ADHD affect my school work?

Children with an ADHD diagnosis are likely to experience the effects of it in their school environment.

Can you catch ADHD?


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