Olga Konstantinidou - Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Olga Konstantinidou

Dr Olga Konstantinidou


Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Available for Online Counselling via Video

Works With All Age Groups


I offer you an opportunity to safely explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in a non-judgmental and knowledgeable space. My aim is for you to achieve your goals and we’ll find strategies and techniques to do this. Through listening and discussion, showing empathy and understanding, as well as inviting you to see things differently, I aim to bolster your potential and provide the solutions and change you need.


I work with families, children, couples and individuals and can support you, and those important to you, through, what can sometimes be, a difficult process.
Working together as a team, we’ll focus on your strengths and understand the areas of your lives you’d like to change. By challenging unhelpful thought patterns, being honest with yourself, and with those around you, we can make things work.
I want to make you comfortable and safe enough to share your feelings and your worries in a non-judgmental, confidential space, where you can reflect and find the support you are looking for.
I draw from a wide range of therapeutic disciplines including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. The best approach, however, is one which uses a number of different modalities to prepare a genuinely individualised assessment and treatment approach designed for your needs.


I have been practicing psychology and psychotherapy for many years and am proud to have helped countless people turn their lives around.
I have a breadth of experience working with a range of mental difficulties and therapeutic approaches; I have the ability to work positively and therapeutically with a wide range of clients from different age groups to achieve excellent results. I have always been passionate about psychology and I have seen the power and impact of it on people of all ages and from every background.
I do get excited about supporting people to discover new options, opportunities and alternative ways to go through life, building new stories, opening new ‘doors’ and experiencing the awaking power of therapy. Being able to rediscover or re-narrate your own ‘blueprint’ is a great power and experience that drives people towards change, acceptance and wisdom. And I do cherish being able to engage in that process.

About Me

I love travelling, road trips with good music, watching movies and losing myself into the pages of a brilliant book. I love a four footed companion walking next to me whilst I’m enjoying my long walks close to the river. I also love anything retro… old cameras, typewriters, the smell of the books. I’m living my life through quotes and I believe the essence of life is hidden in the ability of enjoying every single moment. So, Carpe Diem!!

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