Dr Gul Eryuksel - Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Gul Eryuksel

Dr Gul Eryuksel

(Hons), PhD, DClinPsy, CPsychol

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Available for Online Counselling via Video

Works With All Age Groups


I believe that individual differences play a very important role, in the way we perceive, understand and respond to others around us. For that reason, everyone needs to be understood and approached in their own context; in terms of the journey that has brought them to this day and the aspirations they have for their future. I believe that we have incredible strengths to cope with the most difficult situations life can bring us. We can outgrow abuse and neglect; deal with pain and suffering; overcome disappointments and failures. Therapy is the most significant journey into our “psyche” that lets us become aware of our strengths and more importantly, accept our weaknesses.


I have been studying human behaviour for more than 30 years and it still fascinates me as much as in my first days as a psychology student. I’ve trained in several therapy models including CBT, Person Centred, Behavioural, Cognitive and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy models and have specialities in Systemic Family Therapy. I am an eclectic Psychologist using various models and techniques according to my clients’ needs.

As a psychotherapist, I believe I have been very lucky as I meet, listen and understand many people coming from all different ethnic and minority backgrounds. This has allowed me to develop numerous skills to “hear” and “connect” with individuals at times when they feel most misunderstood and lost at the certain crossroads of their life. The healing power of being understood and accepted, with all the vulnerabilities they have, frees them from the restraints of their own “mind” or “psyche”.


What motivates me can be making a child smile or supporting someone who is in a dark place. I am a firm believer in life-long development and growth, as well as in the importance of reflection and the courage required to change. The road which drives humans to growth and wisdom comes from frustrations and suffering.

About Me

I meditate daily, take long mindful walks, read and write. I talk to my daughter daily who is the fun and joy of my life.

Registered With

The British Psychological Society - Chartered Psychologist


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