Therapy Costs & Fees

Appointment Costs

Appointments with our Psychologists cost between £120 – £300 depending upon their experience & training.

Appointments last for 50 minutes and are held weekly (weekly meetings are the most effective and cost efficient way of getting help). You aren’t committing yourself to a set number of sessions and can end treatment at any point. After you’ve met your therapist a few times they will be able to give you a clear idea of your treatment plan and the number of sessions they feel is right for you to meet your goals.

Weekly attendance is essential for your goals to be met – Read the Evidence Here.

For Self Funding Patients: payment is taken in advance of each session by credit/debit card

Private Health Insurance and third party funding (eg solicitors, employers) are both accepted – Read More

A Recent Testimonial

“The Harley Psychology & Therapy Group were not the first people I went to for counselling. In fact I went to two other counsellors in Clapham first. However CBT with these guys was the only type of counselling that worked for me. It was a bit more expensive but it was worth it”.
Rosie - Clapham

Paying with Health Insurance

We welcome private healthcare patients and proudly work with Cigna, WPA, Bupa International (plus some Bupa employee schemes), Aviva, Healix and Saga.

We take care of the healthcare admin for you and will invoice your provider directly for the treatment received.

Each healthcare provider has a different policy and we can help you to understand what the scope of your cover may be. Where there is a short fall between your policy cover and the cost of treatment it will be your responsibility to cover any difference.


Self Funding Your Treatment

Payment for sessions can be made by via credit/debit card or electronic transfer (BACS payment via online or telephone banking). Please be sure that you are happy to start therapy before making a booking as all reservations are non-refundable.

Some FAQs

How do I arrange a CBT Counselling appointment?

You can arrange a CBT Counselling appointment at any of our clinics, or via Skype at a location that suits you, by using our online booking system, by email or by telephone 0203 504 9300.

When you contact us you will be provided with a list of available appointments times and the therapists offering them. Sessions are held at the same time every week (e.g. Monday at 6pm) so when you select an appointment time try to make sure it will be convenient for you to attend at that same time every week.

Once I have selected an appointment and paid for it am I tied into a contract?

You can decide to end your therapy at any point and will not be charged for future scheduled sessions as long as you give notice that you want to end therapy 24 hours before your next appointment.

View our full list of FAQs here…

Some Recent Testimonials

“I have struggled with anxiety for years and tried many different things. I had CBT Counselling sessions in Fulham over the course of about a year and I now feel much, much better. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a problem”.

– Katie (Fulham)

“I first came to see Venetia after the death of my father and increasing levels of anxiety had led me to become very depressed. At that stage I felt unable to cope with day-to-day life. I had stopped working as I found it too stressful and felt that I could never do my job well enough. I was at a very low point.
Working with Venetia, has helped me to return to an even keel and gain a fresh perspective on my life. The process we undertook has given me the tools to approach adversity and deal with the ups and downs that life throws up. Although ostensibly my life has not changed in any material sense, I am now able to enjoy the opportunities I have and face the adversities that come along. Venetia was a calm and supportive presence in my life enabling me to move on from a period of difficulty. Through her help, I feel confident that I have gained life- long skills that will continue to aid me in to the future”.

– Katherine W (Clapham)

“Feelings of anxiety will always be part of a busy lifestyle, but in my experience, having a strong CBT counsellor to help get those harsher aspects is essential. This is what I have achieved with Dr Green over 20 session and will continue to build on. Being local in Clapham helps take the edge off “of going to therapy”.

– Rebecca (Clapham)

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