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Cigna Patient Form

To enable your psychologist to prepare for your first session and to ensure that you get the most benefit from this, please complete the following questionnaire which will provide them with a brief outline of the problem(s) that you would like to address.

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Some Recent Testimonials

My therapist has helped me immensely with the issues I came to her with and not just superficially; I really feel that we are getting to the root of my problems and slowly, gently and safely we are working though them together. As a result I honestly feel the best I’ve felt for years. I have had counselling in the past and finding my current psychologist through the British CBT and Counselling Service is the best thing I could have done for myself. My therapist is experienced, knowledgeable,  relatable and kind. I am so glad I took that brave leap into the unknown with a willingness to feel vulnerable and have an open mind.

Melanie, East Dulwich

My husband and I have recently started couples therapy. It’s a terrifying move to start with but talking to a third party really helps see things more clearly and break down some of the issues more methodically.

Amanda & David, Clapham

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