Aviva Private Health Insurance for Mental Health Treatment

Can I use my Aviva Private Health Insurance for therapy sessions?


Yes, Aviva provides cover for therapy and counselling and most mental health treatments, and we are registered with them.

How do I get started?

There are two steps. First off is to call us and discuss your needs so we can identify the right specialist for you. Once you’re happy with the therapist, call Aviva with their name. Aviva will validate and approve your treatment and issue you an authorisation code.

A Recent Testimonial

“The British CBT & Counselling Service were not the first people I went to for counselling. In fact I went to two other counsellors in Clapham first. However CBT with these guys was the only type of counselling that worked for me.”
Rosie - Clapham

Aviva have provided my authorisation code and validated my claim, what’s next?

Share your Aviva membership number and authorisation code with us and your treatment can start.

Aviva Private Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve started therapy but am not sure how many appointments Aviva have approved?
A quick call to Aviva will confirm the number approved. Typically, Aviva approve an initial amount, for example, 12 sessions, and then ask for a report update from your therapist once these have been held.

I’ve used my approved Aviva appointments but don’t feel ready to end therapy, what should I do?
Call us to discuss this. We can prepare a report for Aviva which explains why we feel more appointments are appropriate for you and submit it to them on your behalf.

My Aviva insurance is an employee benefit – Must I tell them if I use the cover?
No, the entire process is 100% confidential and no details will be shared with anyone.

Won’t my policy renewal costs increase if I use it and my employers will find out that way?
No, the details and usage of your policy are confidential, and your employers do not receive any information relating to how it was used or by whom.

I understand the process now but still have some questions.

Will Aviva cover the full cost of my treatment?
Yes, is the usual answer, however, it’s always best to double check as each policy is different. Please call or email us to check.

Is there an excess on my account with Aviva ?
Policies can have a small excess of £50 to £100. You can check this on your policy documents or by calling Aviva.

I’ve started seeing a therapist not in your team, can I change my cover from them to see one of your specialists?
Yes. You have full control over your policy and whom you see. As per the instructions about seeing a new therapist above, a quick call to Aviva with the new therapist’s details is all that’s needed to change.

I’ve had some sessions with one of your therapists but it doesn’t feel like the right match, can I change?
Yes, we will do everything possible to ensure we understand the issues with the current therapist and make sure this does not happen again.

I’ve used all my Aviva cover but will still like to continue with sessions, is this possible?
Yes, you can continue seeing the same therapist in the same way but as a self-funded patient instead. Please see our Fees Page for details of the costs or call us to discuss.

My marriage is in trouble, will Aviva cover this?
Yes, we specialise in relationship counselling and your Aviva insurance policy will cover these sessions.

I want therapy for alcohol abuse, will Aviva Health Insurance cover this?
Yes, alcohol and substance abuse are very common, and we provide an entirely confidential treatment plan to overcome these issues.

I want to get help for my child, can I use my Aviva policy to see someone?
Yes, a large part of the work we do is with children and families. Aviva provides high-quality cover for Child, Adolescent, and family therapy.

I have an Aviva policy from my work, do I have to inform my employer if I use it for mental health treatment?
No. Our services are completely confidential and neither Aviva nor our service will share any details of your treatment.

Will my GP know if I use my Aviva private health cover with you?
No. Private therapy and counselling sits outside of your medical records and no information is shared with your GP.

Do I need to see a Psychiatrist to have my treatment approved?
No. You self-refer, and no Psychiatrist intervention is required.

I’m changing jobs, what will happen to my Aviva coverage?
Your current employer may extend you a grace period whilst you transfer from your existing job into your new one. If your new employer provides health insurance you should be able to simply transfer over to them and continue as before. Call us to discuss and we will investigate the specifics of your situations for you.